Communication’s Biggest Week Ever

Tomorrow kicks off the biggest week in the history of communications. I have to be honest. After I wrote this statement I had to get up and take a walk and get some tea. I wanted a sanity check and sometimes meandering around one’s office and listening to water cooler conversations about various TV shows and celebrities helps put one’s views in perspective.
So while at the forefront of my mind is the big Microsoft unified communications news, in the background I wonder if indeed Lindsay Lohan is broke. She really spent a million dollars on clothes? At least this gives me an excuse to put her picture on my blog which will likely be the only time in history our two faces share a web page.
But back to the topic at hand. Tomorrow, Microsoft will be formerly launching their entry into unified communications. This is absolutely huge news because they have brought out Bill Gates as a keynote speaker. In addition, there will be a dozen or more releases coming out in conjunction with the Microsoft news. These releases will be from other companies.
Never in the history of communications (OK TMC has only been in the communications space since 1982 and it is a hundred year-old space) have we been sitting on so much embargoed news. It is amazing. I personally have three articles at least I hope to write soon.
If you want to keep up with the latest news in unified communications be sure to bookmark the Unified Communications Magazine home page which is being continuously updated with the latest UC news. There is even a special Microsoft section of the page dedicated to the latest news.
So getting back to my original point… Yes, this could be the biggest week in communications history. Why? Because there has been more press release coordination around a non-trade show event than I have ever seen.
Many people in the industry have called tomorrow’s announcement game changing and they truly believe communications will evolve to new levels starting tomorrow. We will know the truth very soon.

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