Communications News — What a day!

The day’s communications news doesn’t stop it seems and it is worth sharing some nuggets since my last report on the Open Handset Alliance where we discussed Google’s mobile strategy. But as we focus on mobility it is worth pointing out most companies don’t focus enough on mobile security.
In fact according to a CompTIA survey of 1,070 organizations, 60 percent said handheld device security issues relating to data access and transfer have increased over the past 12 months. Also, 55 percent of the respondents said that security issues with WiFi networks are on the rise.
The study also surprisingly uncovered that of the almost 80 percent of the organizations allowing their mobile employees to access data remotely, only 32 percent of them have implemented security awareness training for employees, with only 10 percent having plans to offer such training in the next year.
But when you consider mobility, consider IMS and whether in fact we need IP multimedia subsystem technology at all to provide QOS to mobile networks and devices. Fred Goldstein from Ionary Consulting thinks not.
In even more mobile news, it seems our phones are all going to be video-enabled soon. Infonetics tells us that by 2010 mobile video phones will be a $125 billion market (unfortunately at the rate the US dollar is dropping this could be about 100 euros by 2010. 🙁 ) In case you are wondering, in 2006 the market for these video devices was a relatively small $58 million.
Continuing with our mobile trend it is worth noting RIM has a new SMB focused Blackberry server edition which is easier to install and serves up to 30 wireless users. This is a great move for the company as it allows smaller companies to set up their own BES at a better price point and with an easier install.
In all, it seems the day was ruled by wireless news with the biggest being Google’s Open Handset Alliance and lots of other interesting nuggets as well. If a Monday is so busy what will the rest of the week look like? Be sure t keep coming back to and TMCnet to find out. 🙂
PS: Don’t forget about TMCnet Mobile and MyTMCnet.

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