Cuil Analysis

cuil.jpgI am impressed with aspects of Cuil like the user interface but sadly, this search engine is not the Google killer that many (including the company) had hoped. I launched the new search engine with the same level of excitement in fact I had when I tried Searchme last year.

Just like Searchme, I believe the Cuil user interface is different enough from Google to appeal to a wide audience. The problem with both of the new search searchme.jpgengines is that they aren’t very accurate and the results that come back from Cuil seem way off base regardless of search term.

Tom Keating mentioned this as well and so did Luca Filigheddu and Erick Schonfeld. Luca shows that it is not just Google doing better than Cuil but all search engines are more accurate than this start-up founded by ex-Googlers.

So are we destined to have Google be our primary search engine forever? Possibly. You see the size of the Internet is just so vast these days that the cost to launch a new search engine in exponentially greater today than when Google launched.

On top of that, Google has toolbars on so many computers that its access to actual click streams is much greater than any other search engine.

So I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised by these poor Cuil results but like many, I often wish the underdog would win and given enough time, money and additional Google defectors, Cuil may just become a force to be reckoned with. 

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