My Tips to Resellers and VARs

97 Degrees in Dallas And it is Cool

Well it is relatively cool anyway. Compared to the rest of thee week, 97 feels downright arctic. 😉 I think the humidity levels are lower as well. I had a great talk today at IP Sizzles 2008 and I am as enthused as ever about our space.

One part of my discussion centered around how my talks used to focus on making money selling VoIP then making money selling IP communications and now it is just communications. It could have even been technology as I focused on things like UPS systems, SANs, RAID systems, disaster recovery, etc.

The reseller of today has to seize opportunities and be smart enough to listen to customer needs and sell them solutions. The era of box pushing is over.

  • Naveen
    July 29, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    I was there with you at the IP Sizzles 2008.. A great Event and Very informative Key Note Speech you gave.. I tried reaching you but missed meeting you in person.. If still at the even I shall meet you tomorrow…

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