DECT Extends the Cell Phone

Here is the challenge with today’s mobile devices. They are generally good at some things and bad at others. You need a device and a set of chargers for various functions. For example, on your vacation — you need a cell phone and a camera. Some such as your truly will even add an e-mail device and web tablet to this list.

But what if you could take an ordinary cell phone and insert it into jackets which enable you to add to the device’s functionality. A DECT jacket for example would turn your cell phone into a fixed-mobile device allowing you the best of wireless worlds. You could have a WiFi jacket and even a car stereo jacket which allows your device to seamlessly integrate with the car stereo.

While this may seem a bit far-fetched, a company named Modu already has a 2.5G GSM phone which will do some of these things. The company is in talks and has signed agreements with a number of cell phone providers worldwide and it will be interesting to see if this advance in communications changes how cell phones are made and marketed.

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