GooSue: Sueing Google Over Rankings

What’s the latest trend in using the Internet? Why Suing Google of course. Don’t like what someone says about you? Well… Whether you are a person or a city, the answer is the same; Sue Google and look to have them not rank the negative page as highly.

The Wall Street Journal has an article on the matter which discusses an Israeli city and real estate agents who are suing the world’s largest search engine because negative comments are ranked high on the search engine.

It seems people do not understand that Google uses algorithms to determine search rank and subsequently shouldn’t be held liable for results. Then again, I am no lawyer and who knows what the courts will decide. But looking at this objectively, the lawsuits seem ridiculous.

Oh, and by the way, I have come up with a new term… GooSue means suing Google for fun or profit. It seems the company is becoming so powerful that it will be a bigger and bigger target. My new term allows us all to have an easy way to describe what seems to be a new and interesting way to spend your time or make some extra pocket change.

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