Did Bell Steal Ideas?

If you are interested in historical telephony and whether Alexander Graham Bell actually invented the telephone or “borrowed” some patent ideas, you will want to read this story.

In "The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret," journalist Seth Shulman argues that Bell — aided by aggressive lawyers and a corrupt patent examiner — got an improper peek at patent documents Gray had filed, and that Bell was erroneously credited with filing first.
Shulman believes the smoking gun is Bell’s lab notebook, which was restricted by Bell’s family until 1976, then digitized and made widely available in 1999.

The notebook details the false starts Bell encountered as he and assistant Thomas Watson tried transmitting sound electromagnetically over a wire. Then, after a 12-day gap in 1876 — when Bell went to Washington to sort out patent questions about his work — he suddenly began trying another kind of voice transmitter. That method was the one that proved successful.

  • geekiegirl29
    December 30, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    I’ve heard multiple people talk about scientists and how they’ve stolen ideas throughout history. Edison from Tesla, even Einstein during the years he worked in the Swiss Patent office starting in 1903-but then again, how much of genius is really based on original ideas, as I’ve concluded, original thought is a fallacy. The internet has provided an even greater platform to spread intellectual property and as a result, we as a species have the potential to expand our minds.
    Several scientific studies have shown human brain cells actually have the ability to regenerate, and excercising the mind can increase IQ. Finally, scientific proof to factualize Randian objectivism/philosophy-the remarkability of human potential.

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