Technology News Wrap Dec 27, 2007

It has been a slow news week as you might imagine and there have been a number of stories which have caught my eye. Stories wrapping up 2007 are rampant and one worth reading is from Mae Kowalke and is titled 2007 VoIP News Highlights from TMCnet. Within the article is a summary of news regarding Microsoft OCS, Vonage, SunRocket and more.
In other news, Sonus got nice recognition as a market leader from Infonetics in a report which states Sonus has captured 26 percent of the worldwide market, with 42% coverage in North America region representing increases over Q2 2007.
A rumor which could be a deal changer for the technology market comes from Seeking Alpha and discusses a potential new Apple device which seems like a Nokia N800 clone. I am a huge fan of the Nokia N800 as it is speedy, has wonderful resolution at 800×480 and can do so much more that a smartphone. But while the Nokia has a 4.1 inch touch-screen the rumored Apple device has a 5.2 inch touch-screen with the same resolution. I would be a huge fan of such a device and if it has a built in 3G (EVDO Rev. A?) connection it will likely be another game-changer for Apple. Will it be called the iTablet? I haven’t a clue but I am sure it will sell nicely.
Although it is only a $7 million dollar contract, I figured worth mentioning AT&T was chosen to provide First Cash Financial Services with domestic and international network services.
In another sign telecom has been experiencing a slow news week; somehow the news that a teen received a phonebook in a Sony PS3 box became distributed fairly widely online.
Getting back to Google – Doesn’t it seem every article about technology somehow is related to Google these days? The search giant is rumored to be coming out with their Gphone in Q1 of 2008 according to GigaOm and Greg Galitzine. On a related note, reports that Google’s grip is tightening now that the DoubleClick merger has been approved. I happen to agree.
Wrapping things up is news from China where Alcatel-Lucent division Genesys has come together with IBM to deploy a call center in a box solution. According to this article, the two companies have delivered 13,000 agent seats with one another around the world.

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