FixStream: Enterprise-Grade Operational Intelligence Across Hybrid Cloud

Mapping applications and infrastructure across clouds to allow rapid problem resolution

Enterprises continue to add applications, infrastructure and devices and quite often, the siloed nature of business means various divisions don’t talk to each other in a manner which allows the organization to optimize problem resolution. Even when the divisions do cooperate, the technology doesn’t speak the same language. If digital transformation is the goal of business in this decade and beyond, can it be achieved if an organization doesn’t have the ability to manage all of its technology efficiently?

FixStream is an operational intelligence and visualization platform which solves these problems for your company. They were recently named a “Cool” vendor by Gartner in Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps). 

In an interview with Enzo Signore, the company’s CMO, he discussedEnzo Signore cmo fixstream.jpg how the company sees itself as a big data analytics company and a correlation platform for hybrid IT. The reason why hybrid IT comes into play has to do with the fact that such an environment is more complex than either cloud or on-premise IT. There are more variables to track and manage – in some cases, millions of them.

He went on to point out that organizations are filled with disjointed domains like applications, storage, databases, ticketing, etc. These siloed solutions do not speak with each other.

This presents a major issue for organizations when there are systems which don’t function as needed. For example when an outage occurs or invoices stop being sent out. Currently, data from these various systems need to be correlated by hand. FixStream manages the millions of data points which are involved in business transactions which is how they quickly provide the root cause of the issue.

FixStream brings in its machine learning platform  to provide a map-like view of an organization’s technology – allowing IT managers to get to the root of the problem in three clicks according to Enzo.

The platform is designed to provide unique levels of visibility, efficiency, and control. The following are some of its components:

Discovery – Autodiscovery is agentless and can leverage operational data from third-party tools through its APIs. It captures inventory dynamically, including device metadata for network, storage, bare-metal, and virtual computing (VM, hypervisor) resources, as well as process specifics including process ID, name, port mapping, and interface details. It also creates a topology via interface details including identity, configuration, access, status, and performance.

Application Dependency Mapping – Can track interdependencies across applications and services, such as web servers, middleware, application servers, and databases, with network, storage, and server infrastructures. These application maps can in turn be easily mapped to more global business process views.

Analytics: Operational Intelligence – Offers an efficient approach to big data with a wide range of analytic options, including a correlation framework, a rules engine, real-time streaming analytics, batch analytics, and machine learning. These can deliver extremely fast root-cause analysis with just a few clicks, as well as trending and real-time predictive insights for performance, security, change, and capacity management requirements.

Dashboards – Can support both executive and IT Operations stakeholders, as well as development, security, and IT service management teams. As characterized in the following interview, these dashboards provide compelling overviews with facile drill-downs to support a wide variety of stakeholders and decision-making. The dashboard widgets are externally personalized and contextual. 

The company boasts some impressive customers so far such a very large US carrier we cannot yet mention, BT, Orange and Airbus. One customer we are not yet allowed to reference will save around $500,000 via toolset consolidation as it replaces SolarWinds, ManageEngine Application Manager, Microsoft System Center Service Manager, and CA’s Nimsoft, among other tools.

In addition, FixStream is working with Nutanix, the Enterprise Cloud company. The joint solution does the following:

  • Auto-discovers the compute and storage components of the Nutanix cluster
  • Auto-discovers the non-Nutanix infrastructure components in a hybrid IT environment
  • Auto-discovers the application services deployed in Nutanix infrastructure
  • Identifies the application flows in and out of Nutanix environment
  • Provides an up-to-date inventory view to reflect the changes happening in the infrastructure stack in near real-time

We asked Enzo about IoT and how his platform seems like a natural fit in this space. He said this is absolutely the case as organizations appreciate being able to catalog their sensors and devices in near real-time.

As networks become more complicated through the addition of more applications, clouds, data centers and devices, FixStream hopes to make managing the sprawl of technology far easier. No digital transformation project will be complete without such a solution to minimize downtime.

Stay tuned for new coming out of Oracle OpenWorld this week. Expect an industry-first according to the company. We’ll have more for you here and via the TMC network of media vehicles.

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