Free ITEXPO Conference Passes For Those Out of Work

This past week has been tough for me personally as I learned that more than a few of my good friends and colleagues in the industry have been laid off. More than one of these people out of work has reached out to me recently asking if they would be able to attend ITEXPO Feb 2-4, Miami conferences free in order to network with others, keep up to date and hopefully make the contacts needed to help them secure future employment.

Rather than be reactive, It thought it made sense to open this up to anyone in the communications and tech space who is out of work – been recently laid off, etc.

Basically someone going through a jobless period.

This offer is the equivalent of a Platinum Pass but will not include meals.

I hope this small token is helpful to many of you looking for new opportunities in a very tough market.

In order to learn more please contact Mike Genaro with your full contact info and circumstances mgenaro (at)

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