Galaxy S8 Outdoes iPhone X in Freeze Test

The screen test below shows what happens when you put two of the top smartphones on the market – the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X in water and then freeze them overnight.

Two frozen phones – which one will survive?


The Samsung is unscathed but the iPhone X loses its Face ID ability, its screen doesn’t work properly and it seems to have lost its data.

Wait, what happened to all my data?


Even worse – the entire battery of the iPhone gets used up while the Samsung still has about 40% left.

Most likely, a gap opened up in the iPhone during its blowtorch melting causing water to get it. This in turn seems to have led to a short circuit or even more than one.

The iPhone X green screen of death – apparently competition with Microsoft BSOD is fiercer than we thought. applause


Bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an absolute champ in this test – iPhone X users should avoid leaving their phones in water in the freezer overnight.

The video below shows the freeze test comparison in full:

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