GENBAND Announces Big Win at XO, Kandy Wrappers and More

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As more carriers look to roll out UC solutions, GENBAND is there to help and in fact recently has been on a tear in terms of making relevant news. Since the acquisition of the Nortel carrier and large enterprise business, GENBAND has literally become a full-service telecom equipment manufacturer with a broad portfolio of features rivaled by only a handful of firms.

The GENBAND marketing team


In a recent meeting with Patrick Joggerst, Carl Baptiste, Bita Milanian and the rest of the management team (a small subset of the people above), I was once again blown away by just how many balls the company has in the air and is managing effectively. In fact, I just wrote up another story on all the company is doing and that was less than two weeks ago. Since then, there is a dizzying amount of new and exciting news. For example, XO Communications is powering its contact center offering with GENBAND. In recent days you may recall, I focused on this trend of carriers providing UC and Call center services when I wrote about Metaswitch, AT&T and Broadsoft.

In addition, NetFortris, developer of a cloud-based secure message system, recently announced that it has updated its unified communications software to utilize new clients developed for GENBAND Smart Office 3.1, the platform on which NetFortris is based.

Then there are Kandy Wrappers – prepackaged RTC apps and Smart Patrick Joggerst – CMO GENBAND.jpgOffice UC clients which affordably bring together cloud, web and real-time communications according to Patrick Joggerst (pictured), the executive vice president of global sales and marketing at GENBAND.

If that wasn’t enough, the company announced with Polycom that they are awaiting final JITC certification. The combined solution, Local Session Controller, has completed testing for deployment in the United States Department of Defense (DoD) communications network.

This is important as the management team explained – there is a large Nortel installed base in the government and the company will now be able to upgrade that equipment.

Other interesting tidbits – GENBAND aims to extend and add value to Cisco Spark and Microsoft Skype for Business – not recreate these solutions. The goal is to have a unified client experience – web apps will run as containers which overcome the shortcomings of the web browser experience.

In short, there is a lot that is going on behind the scenes at the company… They should be congratulated for producing so much relevant and timely news in such a short amount of time. Especially when that news isn’t just fluff, it’s a mix of extended business models through Kandy Wrappers and large news customers like XO.

Just as I was about to finish this piece, news broke that Telecom Italia Sparkle will use GENBAND’s kandy-based, white label, cloud, OTT solution. This is based on the fring offering which allows a carrier to rapidly deploy services without reinventing the wheel when it comes to migrating to IP communications for their customers.

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