Go!Foton Hopes to Advance Data Center and Carrier Fiber Transformation

Continuous advancements in technology and hyperbolic cloud growth isfarshid.jpg straining all networks at carrier central offices and data centers alike. Virtually all aspects of the data center have evolved – from Ethernet speeds to software defined networks and even SD-WAN. In corporate networks we’ve seen the rise of virtualization become table stakes for companies of more than about 25 people. Carriers have been moving towards NFV to gain similar benefits in their central offices.

Yet there hasn’t been the same evolution in fiber management and connectivity and its the reason we interviewed Farshid Mohammadi of Go!Foton to learn more about his company’s efforts in this area.

Tell us about your company, Go!Foton

Go!Foton was established in 2009 as a result of a management buyout of NSG Group’s Telecom Devices Business worldwide. We have been focused on providing innovative solutions around passive and active optical components and lately we are providing next generation fiber management systems.

Go!Foton is a co-creation and ecosystem orchestration driven company.  Our vision is to change the Fiber Management Systems into an open best-of-breed solutions much like what we have seen with Open Source software and the Open Compute project

What is the problem your company is trying to solve?

For the past 20+ years we have seen significant improvement and innovations in the area of Equipment and Fiber Cable.  However, fiber management and connectivity within COs & DCs have not seen much innovation and have not kept up with advances in the Equipment & Fiber Cables domains.  This has resulted in significant operational cost that service providers could avoid. 


Do you believe there is a transformation happening in data centers?

We are in the midst of a pivot in our industry.  Given the adoption of Cloud for both IT and Telecom applications, we will continue to see an expedited path toward faster and denser deployments at COs & DCs.   To meet these new challenges, we believe that the Fiber Management & Connectivity vendor community would need to change its current thinking and redesign its products to meet the following requirements below:


How will your company help it along?

At Go!Foton we have a patented fixture fan-out solution that allows field technicians to install fiber terminations  without impacting the adjacent  fibers/connectors in a 24 LC connector tray configuration.  Other vendors’ solutions either provide fully stacked or offset LC connector configuration which is cumbersome and error prone or as such have prevented the industry from truly capitalizing on the high fiber density that LC connectors can achieve.  Recall LC connectors are half the size of SC connectors, provide better performance  than SC connectors, and are more secure and safer since they provide a latch-on mechanism rather than SC’s Push/Pull mechanism.


Tell me more about your PEACOC High Density Platform

PEACOC is  a High Density Fiber Management  Platform that:

  • Supports 144 simplex (72 duplex) LC ports in 1RU; MPO fanouts (8F/12F/24F)
  • Provides easy & efficient craft access to both front and back plane connectors
  • Installs in standard 19” and 23”  existing frames
  • Offers scalable pay-as-you grow fiber interconnect capacity in 1 RU increments
  • Supports traditional as well as next generation applications by accommodating Integrated optical modules & Splicing with a removable flexible tray design


Why should carriers and companies choose to use it?

We are an innovative co-creation driven company that looks to partner with carries toward co-developing a solution that provides carriers’ desired technical and commercial outcomes.  Some of our salient design parameters for our solutions are:

  • At least 40% TCO for savings for carriers
  • Open system architecture allowing competitive sourcing
  • Modular chassis & cassette design for true pay-as-you-grow implementation
  • Universal fiber connectivity and cable management
  • High port density with reduced footprint

What else can we expect from your organization?

We are committed to transforming the CO & DC fiber management and connectivity technical and financial disposition to ensure innovation in this domain not only keeps pace with those of Equipment & Fiber cables but exceeds.                                                        

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