Google Blocking Apps Blocking Ads

Want to find the latest ad-blocking software for your Android device – sorry, you won’t be able to find them in the Google Play store. You see, the company decided that these programs do not comply with its Developer Distribution Agreement. Of course the argument could be made that they never did – in other words, ad-blocking is not new and having them listed in the company’s store isn’t a new development either. Obviously Google which is in the advertising business realized they shouldn’t allow a company which keeps it from generating revenue to take advantage of the app store they host.

From a business perspective what Google has done makes perfect sense but isn’t it also the kind of behavior Microsoft and Apple often get criticized for? Is this an example of doing something “evil” which would be in contrast to company’s stated mission?

Whether this incident ignites the web on fire with lasting criticism or not remains to be seen. Since these apps can still be loaded onto Android devices through alternate means I believe it is likely the matter will just be deemed an inconvenience.

In other Google news, the company is killing its Reader service (something I use often ) but Jeff Kagan thinks this is a smart move for the company. “So we should not look at these restructuring events as a sign of something wrong at Google. Instead I think this is simply a sign that the company wants to change in order to continue strong growth. So far, so good.” He says.

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