Google Gmail VoIP, Cloud Computing and Other News August, 25 2010

It’s been a busy day in the world of tech news as Google who already has a telecom service in Google Voice has expanded it into Gmail with a two-pronged goal of making it easier to call via Google’s network and making the Skype IPO less lucrative. In addition, cloud computing has heated up with Nimbula receiving $15 million dollars so the ex-Amazon founders can purse providing private cloud services.

On the TMC front, we officially released TechZone360, our new site dedicated to all things tech and sporting a new and cool interface we hope you love. My readers got an unauthorized sneak peak last week (thanks for not squealing on me) and you can see it has evolved quite a bit these past days.

On the ITEXPO front there has been lots of progress…

Storagecraft and Trend Micro signed up as MSPWorld exhibitors today making this show one which continues to show tremendous interest from exhibitors and attendees.

In addition, the following new speakers were added today:


SG-27    SPECIAL SESSION – Smart Grid Crystal Ball Outlook

Jamie Clark

General Counsel



Smart Wireless Workshop speakers

The CDMA Development Group (CDG and the CDG Smart Wireless Special Interest Group (M2M SIG) are pleased to announce the Smart Wireless Workshop, which will be held on the afternoon of Monday, October 4, during the TMC 4G Wireless Evolution (4GWE) and M2M Evolution Conference, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.

James Person




Mitch Tseng


Huawei Technologies


Bhushan Sethi

Smart Metering

Tata Teleservices Ltd


Venkat Eswara

Director Marketing



Pat Verrington

Director, CDMA Service Portfolio

KORE Telematics


Joe Jumayao

Director, Bus Dev



Weijun Lee

VP, Network Architecture



Mike Ueland


Telit Wireless Services


Leonhard Korowajczuk


CelPlan Technologies


Peter Lancia

Sr. Director Marketing



Nakul Duggal

VP, Technology



Here are the latest interviews I conducted with speakers and exhibitors from the various events taking place with ITEXPO:



Stefan Karapetov



Fanvil Technology

Matt Vlasach

Unwired Revolution

Jerome Joanny



One of the hottest segments of the tech space has to be the 4G wireless and this would explain the intense interest the industry has had regarding the 4GWE event which takes place with ITEXPO this October 4-6, 2010 in Los Angeles. Some big news from the show is the fact that a new keynote speaker was just added – Verizon Wireless’ Executive Director of Network Planning, Chris Neisinger. It is tough to envision a more appropriate person to speak as Verizon Wireless is on a tear in terms of building its next generation wireless network and Neisinger leads a team responsible for planning Verizon Wireless’ nationwide CDMA/EvDO and LTE architecture, including; base-station configurations, backhaul, switching, data network architecture, signaling systems, transport, and IMS. I cannot wait to be there to hear his thoughts.

Also, here is an important new announcement regarding 4GWE speakers and an excerpt:

  • Monday 10/4, 11:45 AM, Keynote Lunch – “So Much Demand, so Little Time” by Jeff Thompson, President, CEO and Director, Towerstream will share his vision for the new age of devices, applications and carrier services.
  • Monday 10/4, 3:15 PM, “WiFi – The Real 4G” by Brough Turner, Founder of BigBroadband.Net, will look at current WiFi deployments and illustrate why we are the tipping point of Broadband Wireless.
  • Monday 10/4, 4:00 PM, “The Paths to LTE Deployment” by Jean-Pierre Lartigue, CTO and VP of Strategy for Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Division, will discuss deployment possibilities and share his insights regarding the trends in spectrum utilization.
  • Tuesday, 10/5, 8:30 AM, “Keynote: Enabling 4G Backhaul without Breaking the Bank”, by JoeSchraml, VP of Marketing, Bridgewave Communications, will discuss how mobile operators can cost-effectively expand their networks backhaul capacity while enhancing their coverage.
  • Tuesday, 10/5, 9:00 AM, Alvarion Keynote featuring Dr. Mohammad Shakouri, Corporate Vice President Alvarion and Vice President WiMAX Forum, an industry visionary and well-known expert in the field, Mr. Shakouri will share his 4G broadband vision with the 4GWE audience.
  • Tuesday, 10/5, 10:30 AM, “Changing Tires on the Go: Bringing LTE to the Network and Building for Mobility” by Chris Neisinger, Executive Director of Network Planning for Verizon (NewsAlert)Wireless, will discuss Verizon’s build-out strategy and plans to support customer requirements.
  • Tuesday, 10/5, 11:30 AM, “Providing Value as a Carrier’s Carrier” by Qwest VP of Wholesale Services, Beth Halvorson, will discuss the future of Backhaul backbone Networks and the requirements of an expanding market.
  • Tuesday, 10/5, 12:15 PM, “Supporting the Next Generation of Backhaul” by Peter Allen (NewsAlert)President and CEO of DragonWave, will present ideas for providing the reach and scale needed to make wireless broadband a reality everywhere.

As you can see, this event is not like ITEXPOs of day’s past – this is a mega-event with large-scale participation from every sector of communications and tech from optical to wireless to cloud to open-source and everything in-between. As always, I look forward to welcoming you to the show personally – this is the one event you need to be at this fall.

  • Paul
    August 26, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Interesting to see the Google development was only briefly mentioned. As a VoIP softphone offering free US calling (not just device-to-device, but to actual phone numbers for free, which was not previously offered by Google and still isn’t by Skype), it is significant. But more important is how the feature will be integrated into Web apps down the line. Essentially, consumers will be harnessing UC-like features not readily available in many organizations. This could both challenge enterprise UC players and carriers OR serve to be a shot in the arm that expedites some of the more impactful, but elusive applications everyone has been talking about. About Me –

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