Got Big Telecom Data? You Need Infinity Ear from Empirix!

OK, this isn’t a real product name – yet but you could potentially help pick it – be sure to let the company know if you have a name for their new product line.

I sat down with Tim Moynihan and Gordon Eddy of Empirix at SpeechTek and was happy to hear the company has been experiencing double-digit growth. Testing companies like Empirix are a great barometer for the markets they serve as they grow with the percentage of deployments in the spaces are in. In this case, the company is seeing increasing orders as a result of the migration to IP so SIP trunking and SBC deployments have really helped the bottom line.
Moreover, companies are seeking out testing services from Empirix before they deploy CRM, call center and UC services.

Mergers have been another positive factor in the company’s growth as companies have to ensure their disparate systems can interop smoothly before they go live as part of a more seamless network of communications systems.

An interesting area of expansion will be introduced this fall – analyzing “big data” for the telecom space. The point here is big data is being scraped and analyzed with positive results in data centers but there has been a lack of tools to do the same in the telecom space. You could use such a solution to determine how a massive amount of data growth on a network would bog down voice and video calls.

Speaking of video, the company is beginning to get requests for video testing, meaning video is likely past the tipping point – of course this may not be the biggest surprise – but it’s always good to get 3rd party verification of what the research analysts and Cisco ads tell us.
Regarding the big data product – it doesn’t have a name yet and I couldn’t help thinking of a few names myself. Empirix used to be called Hammer Technologies in the nineties and the Hammer product line exists today. As you can imagine the name refers to “hammering” systems to ensure they operate correctly. These products have evolved of course and a cloud-based Hammer solution is available for really large tests.

So I figure if Hammer is the name of the testing tool the listening/analytics tool could be called the Ear or perhaps the Antenna. I am thinking you need a really large ear for big data so how about Infinity Ear? Dear Empirix, don’t worry – you don’t have to pick my name – I always have my day job. But how about some advanced notice before you release the actual name? 🙂

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