Coinbase Finally adds Support Line

In August we reported the many problems Coinbase has had in providing customer service to customers. The company has been impossible to reach by not only customers but reporters like us.

In response, the company did not reach out to us to respond to the many problems customers have been reporting. Instead, they added a customer support line: 888-908-7930.

Callers at this point can expect long wait times based on reports. Perhaps 15 minutes or so. While waiting, we suggest you turn the volume down because the elevator music with embedded electric guitar is quite dreadful.

It’s enough to make one want to go back to fiat currency.

This however is a minor annoyance. The system doesn’t give you an approximate hold time or tell you what number you are in the queue. We consider this problem to be a bigger issue.

If there is one bit of good news its that the system will call you back if you like – a nice touch.

Did we test the number? Yes. We waited on hold for nine minutes before we hung up.

We hope to see you soon at THE Blockchain Event, where we’ll get to experience growth of Blockchain, Bitcoin and FinTech together.


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