How exactly is the WebRTC Revolution Different than VoIP?

There are many parallels between the disruption being caused byjim-machi-webrtc.png WebRTC and what happened in VoIP. During the IP telephony days, Dialogic was one of the key infrastructure providers to carriers, call centers and companies of all sizes. Likewise in WebRTC, Dialogic is playing an interconnecting role and the company helps WebRTC scale and moreover provides the tools to add value to web communications.

The reason I bring this is up is because Jim Machi of Dialogic gave a keynote at WebRTC Expo in San Jose last year which you may have missed. In it, he talks about some of the company’s WebRTC customers but more importantly, he describes how this revolution is different than the one which happened in VoIP.

Perhaps, most importantly he explains all the ways to add value to WebRTC by introducing interoperability, dealing with various codecs, etc.

Check out the video for more and Jim’s blog also lives on TMCnet.

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