How M2M Saves the Amazon Rainforest


Machine-to-machine technology is generally any sort of grouping of devices where machines talk to machines. When your car tells a central computer you need an oil change and the dealer calls to remind you – that’s M2M in action. Perhaps the best example of how M2M can be used for good is a recent report that Gemalto’s Cinteron M2M technology is being used in Cargo Tracck in the Amazon rainforest to protect an area the size of the United States.

By placing these tracking devices in the tree trunks, authorities will be alerted when one reaches within 20 miles of a cellular network.


“The rainforest in Brazil is approximately the size of the United States so it’s impossible to monitor each and every acre,” added Ramzi Abdine, General Manager of Cinterion M2M at Gemalto Latin America. “The Cargo Tracck solution offers a compelling example of the power of M2M technology in overcoming unique business challenges to extend the reach of traditional tracking and tracing methods.“

This is one of the reasons M2M is such a fascinating space for me, because it allows you to do things which you couldn’t dream of just a few years ago. Battery technology has improved tremendously in recent years but more importantly, wireless devices are smaller, smarter and can get by on less power. This enables a new generation of devices to go places which were previously unimaginable.


Next week, M2M Evolution Conference & Expo will take place in Miami and the event should be the best ever as it will cover everything you need to know on M2M including the following:

  • Digital Signage
  • Emerging Role of OSS-BSS Systems in the M2M Value Chain
  • Facilities Management
  • How M2M Will Take Mobile Healthcare to the Next Level (Hardware & Apps)
  • M2M in Smart Buildings
  • M2M in Smart Homes
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • POS Vending
  • ROI Models for Success
  • Security, Surveillance and Connected Safety
  • Social Machines – M2M and Web 2.0
  • The impact of Smart Grids on Electricity Transmission Network Resilience
  • The Emerging Role of Integrators in M2M

The agenda of the conference is worth reading for more information and we have the most solid list of sponsors for any M2M event I am aware of. They include, Platinum: HP, ILS Technology, Spireon, Vodafone & Verizon. Gold: Axeda, AT&T, Gurtam, Inmarsat, Kore Telematics, ThingWorx & Wilson Electronics. In addition there is a technology workshop on M2M and the semi-famous Battle of the M2M Platforms which takes place on Tuesday, Jan 29.

If you have any interest in learning more about one of the most exciting technologies which crosses over between tech, telecom and networks – be sure to register and attend M2M Evolution. The event is collocated with ITEXPO.

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