Limited Space Remains at ITEXPO SDN Workshop


Software-defined networking is considered by many to be one of the most important, and potentially disruptive, developments in networking since the rise of the Internet. To date, networks and connectivity have come first, and applications have followed. SDN turns this model on its head, approaching networking from an apps-first standpoint.

By now, you may be aware you have access to a software-defined networking workshop at ITEXPO (admission is included with ITEXPO registration) but you may not know space is filling up fast. Please be sure and register ASAP as seats are limited. Here is a detailed agenda for more.

The fun begins Tuesday, Jan 29th at 12:00 noon. See you there – thanks.

These are the important sessions detailing what we believe everyone in technology and communications should know about:

Software-Defined Networking 101
Join an interactive discussion in which TMC’s Paula Bernier asks SDN experts the questions you need to know about the software-defined network, including what it is, what components it involves, what benefits that enables for whom, and what to expect in the SDN realm going forward.
Presented by: ACG Research, Alcatel-Lucent, Infinera, TMC
SDN in the Enterprise Data Center
This session will explore  enterprise and data center applications of SDN
Presented by: Woodside Capital, ACG Research, Plexxi, TMC
The Role of SDN in Network Evolution
While SDN is based on a completely new vision of networking, data center operators, enterprises and service providers will most certainly not be replacing their networks entirely to jump on the SDN bandwagon. This session will offer an opportunity to hear from the big names in networking, what they’re doing to address SDN, and how they see this new technology tying into existing networks.
Presented by: ACG Research, Alacatel-Lucent, Huawei, Infinera, Plexxi
SDN Roundup
This session will provide a round-up of what we learned about SDN today and other noteworthy information about SDN, like market forecasts.
Presented by: TMC, ACG Research, Woodside Capital

In Summary, at the pre-conference/workshop you will get:

  • A detailed overview of SDN
  • An examination of the technologies and components involved in SDN
  • A Summary of the use cases of SDN
  • A Comparison of the players involved in moving SDN forward
  • Expert analysis on what SDN could mean for networking as we know it.

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