How to get Around Ad Blockers

Disclosure: This post does have self-promotional elements.

  1. All people like free content
  2. Many people don’t like ads.

At some point ad-blocking will get the point where free content doesn’t exist for the people who want it. In other words, ad blocking has gone mainstream.

People don’t like ads, primarily because they are untargeted.

TMC has a way to show laser-focused ads and get them through most ad blocking mechanisms.

We do this via custom-display advertisments on sponsored online communities where we do the design and write the content.

This is a win/win – ads and promotional information get through and the consumer gets the targeted news and content they are seeking. These communities also show up in search engine results – where all other ads are often blocked.

They can focus on any industry and allow a company to be the only one in their market that gets through to targeted consumers.


Want to see one in action? The first link above is to an article on a sponsored community called Mad Marketer – it is becoming the defacto site for marketing decision-makers to visit.

Imagine what we can do for your company.

Learn more and contact us today to discuss. Thanks.


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