iDirect Optimizes IP communications over Satellite

Recently I had a chance to meet with David Bettinger the CTO of iDirect to discuss his company’s achievements. His company founded in 1994 provides IP communications equipment for the satellite industry. By accelerating TCP/IP protocols the company allows more efficient voice and video communications over satellites. As Bettinger explains, when you consider satellite communications can cost $5k/MHz/month, savings can add up.

The company plays in the cruise ship/maritime space as well as the aeronautical market with partner Panasonic and in order to ensure maximal success in these spaces, they worked on developing the ability to allow seamless hopping between satellites early on.

In the video above you can learn more about how the company deals with switching and security when satellite hopping. In addition, David gives us perspective on the company’s Global Network Management System allowing central control of geographically dispersed hubs. In the future, iDirect plans on focusing on increased efficiency, IP connectivity, security and manageability.

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