Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN Now With Nextgen Application Intelligence+ and Cloud-Native Orchestration

In an in-person interview, Ricardo Belmar, Sr. Dr. Global Enterprise Marketing, Infovista explained the company’s Ipanema SD-WAN has enhanced application intelligence as well as cloud-native orchestration.

He said, “Our new solution allows QoE control via deep application visibility.” He continued, “It has been enhanced and can now recognize thousands of applications, not just hundreds.”

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He further explained, this includes cloud apps and the updates also are delivered via the cloud.

Moreover, these updates used to be delivered during software maintenance upgrades. “Now, it’s always up to date,” he exclaimed.”

The network devices have end -to-end QoS based on dynamic queuing, allowing for the measuring of network conditions in real-time. This allows the enterprise to build performance profiles relating to the user experience for each application. They can then use this profile with different techniques on the network.


Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN with new cloud-native management and control of applications tightly combines session-based routing and dynamic path selection of the underlay network with an overlay of deep application visibility and dynamic control of the quality of experience for business-critical applications.

Ricardo exclaimed, “If the top priority application is payment processing, it will always gets fast response-time across the site, at all times.” He continued, “They can slow low priority traffic to allow this to happen.”

He went on to say in one case, a customer who did exactly this saw 70% less errors as a result of doing just this.

He further explained, their solution works session-by-session, which is better than other solutions. They don’t just move to another link, he explained.

“We can also do this per call,” he said. “We can separate voice, video and data on different networks and sync on other end.”

He said, this is called the Application Intelligence+.

The company has also moved the management platform from server-based, into the cloud – cloud-based orchestration. There is also zero-touch installs on edge-devices, allowing them to function once they get a DHCP address. The boxes simply phone home to the orchestrator, Ricardo explained.

The routing has also been enhanced and the solution can be the only CPE device – a router, WAN optimization device, Application Intelligence+ solution, routing and path selection all in one cohesive whole. This can also be provided via a VNF allowing carriers to provide these services.

Ricardo explained their solution does well in bake-offs, especially when competing with solutions using FEC which can be good over unreliable links but the trade-off is excessive use of bandwidth.

They also use dynamic queues which can grow or shrink as needed, taking from low-priority apps as needed to perhaps keep call quality high.

In short, Application Intelligence+ goes one step beyond vanilla SD-WAN and allows companies to better optimize their application performance which has been found to be directly linked to business performance, profitability and success.

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