Internet Buffet Closed

Greg Galitzine heads up the editorial team at TMCnet and recently he and I were discussing the all you can eat internet and how it may soon be gone. During our talk, I had trouble seeing why this is different than what I deal with today. If I want super fast internet access I pay my cable provider more.

Seems to me that an all you can eat service allows people who don’t need lots of bandwidth to save some money and others who download 24×7 can decide to  pay and get the best service available. I by the way pay for the top speed from Optimum Online and don’t necessarily feel robbed.

One point worth mentioning however is companies like Cablevision will put a limiter on users who download more than what they deem appropriate. This limiter basically slows the service to speeds just above ISDN.

Greg has the second in a series of posts on all-you-can-eat Internet which is worth a read. One issue mentioned in his post is that wireless competitors will soon be on the scene giving us more choice. I need to be convinced that this is the case as I have heard from more than one source that WiMAX upload speeds may be less than stellar in some cases.

If you want more on this topic, Greg is at ITEXPO all week here in Miami and will be happy to share his lucid thoughts on the matter. You know, the stuff that is too strong for the open net.

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