ITEXPO East 2008 Recap

You definitely want to check out Tom Keating’s writeup of ITEXPO East 2008 where he talks about the great products he saw. Tom got to see more than I did at the show but one point I agree on is MobileMax is an awesome product. Thankfully I had a chance to stop by the company’s booth at the show and install the software on my Windows Mobile device.

The company’s software resides on a smartphone and intercepts international calls which are subsequently rerouted onto a VoIP network. I am trying this software via Packet8’s MobileTalk product.

I can tell you from personal experience that this software works amazingly well and allows you to easily call international numbers from a cellphone without the need for calling card PIN codes, etc.

The best thing about this product is that it requires zero change in user behavior.

There is also a JAVA-based solution coming which will work on Motorola and other handsets which are not technically "smart." Users with such handsets will need to select an icon on the home page to dial an international number. After you click on th icon, you are presented with your name directory and then you just make a call as you normally would.

Mobile VoIP is certainly an area of excitement and opportunity. While there are so many people saying there is little innovation/opportunity left in communications, I keep seeing more and more at each ITEXPO and elsewhere.

What’s your take?

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