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Although I am disappointed by JetBlue’s decision to allow e-mail access only via a Yahoo! account and a Blackberry device (update: the service will also work with laptops) I am extremely happy to hear that at least e-mail will now be available while in-flight. And best of all, this service will be free!
Many executives have told me they don’t want e-mail access on United States flights because the plane is the last place where you can officially be offline and no one will fault you for it.
I always took the opposite side of this argument.
I must admit however that the airplane is where I write many of my articles and blogs. It looks like I will have to find a new quiet place in which to concentrate on writing.
Then again, unless the Blackberry 9000 is as good as I hope I may not be switching to a RIM device anyway… So I don’t need to worry about any of this. Oh, and did I mention I rarely fly JetBlue anyway?
So for me this presents an interesting dilemma… Do I switch devices so I can communicate while flying? I must admit the prospect is tempting. More to come on this as my subconscious evaluates. Would you switch?
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