I was recently on a jetBlue flight and guess who was on the flight with me? David Neeleman the founder of the company. He acted as part of the flight crew and handed out drinks and snacks.

Perhaps nothing impresses me more about company than the humility of its top management. Arrogant managers are the worst thing for a company’s image.

David Neeleman should be commended and nominated as CEO of the year for this act alone. Thanks Dave!

  • Pierre
    February 1, 2007 at 11:23 am

    I was a loyal Jetblue customer until my recent experience regarding a serious medical condition that required me to fly
    back home 1 day earlier than I was scheduled to . Jetblue was cold and not flexible with allowing me to return a
    day ealier using that ticket. They charged
    me for a new ticket. I contacted them several time, to no avail.

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