Lady Gaga Causes Monster Cloud Crash

Born This Way is one of the most popular songs of the year – it already was the fastest-selling single ever on the Apple iTunes App Store. And Amazon knew this when it offered the entire Born This Way Album for 99 cents. The limited time offer offer as you could have imagined in advance is one which would attract massive sales – $7 off on what could be one of the most popular albums of our day.

Still, even with this notice, Amazon servers buckled under the massive strain – causing users to complain about not being able to buy all the songs.

Currently, Amazon is offering the Born This Way album for $7.99 and a special edition version with an additional eight songs is valued at $12.99.

The problem marks the second glitch for Amazon this year – following a cloud outage for a number of days which brought down a number of start-ups.

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