Latest on StartupCamp at ITEXPO West 2010

StartupCamp, Communications Edition which was one of the most exciting events at ITEXPO earlier this year in Miami has some exciting news. It has just named its final presenter – Cloud Telecomputers.

Here is an excerpt from the news release:

The organizers also announced a charity connection to StartupCamp that is sure to add intrigue to an already high-energy evening. Audience members will each receive up to $100,000 in play money, and with it instantly become “angel investors” for a night. Once all the companies have presented, attendees will be asked to “place their bets” by creating a portfolio of at least two of the startups. A charitable contribution will be made in the name of the startup that receives the most “venture capital.”

This is a very dynamic, high-energy and can’t-miss event.

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