LiteScape’s Unified Communications Applications

One of the more interesting unified communications companies is Litescape. They are doing new things in the UC space and more importantly, I can’t think of another company who does what they do.

The company’s Oncast solution enables phones to act like PCs and PCs to act like phones. For example, the company has a corporate directory application which works seamlessly with any phone or PC. To pull this off, LiteScape utilizes the directories of disparate systems such as LDAP, and your personal address book to name a few.

In addition, Oncast allows Cisco and Avaya phones to have single-touch connectivity to WebEx via phone or PC. For companies who have frequent conference calls, this is a great productivity booster as WebEx can take some effort to get into time and time again. The "UC middleware" removes the multiple steps and passcodes needed to enter meetings.

Oncast also allows information to be shared between PCs, phones and overhead paging systems. This feature could include emergency alerts or advertising and even company-wide notifications.

You can also use the software for audio conferencing without the need for an external provider.

Perhaps the best feature of all is that when you read an e-mail on my PC you can hit a quick key combination and instantly get to and call/conference all or some of the people who were included on the e-mail.

Litescape also has another product called SupportCast which integrates WebEx SupportCenter sessions such as co-browsing with telephone ACD sessions.

The software allows you to integrate the status of agents on the ACD with WebEx SupportCenter meaning agents receive SupportCenter calls only when they are available.

I like what LiteScape is doing as they seem to really be focused on adding UC value and seem to be laser-focused on boosting corporate productivity. In the end, productivity-boosting applications are a great reason to move to UC.

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