Mapquest and OnStar

In what seems to be a very intelligent business decision by all involved, OnStar, the service allowing GM customers to have turn-by-turn in-car directions and Mapquest the web destination allowing online driving instructions have teamed up.
What are the benefits? Up to 5 destinations can be entered into Mapquest and they will be sent to the vehicle. You can always call an OnStar representative to enter the address but in this ATM-dominated everything-web world, who even wants to talk anymore? We want to maximize the amount of time we listen to iPod-supplied music when we are driving.
But let’s look at the broader trend here. There are numerous sites internet which make natural partners for other services. For example, when will OnStar drivers get weather forecasts on their screens? This info can be supplied by a number of sites.
How about local news? The lowest gas price in the area? How about allowing consumers to enter their grocery list online and having the car lead you to the grocery store with the lowest prices on the items you need?
I would love to input my musical preferences online and have my car tell me about the locations in my area where I can hear bands that fit my preferences.
There are limitless opportunities and they aren’t all automotive related. I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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