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In my never ending quest to amass as much information in my brain as possible, I have begun listening to archived webinars as I work. It turns out I can learn a great deal from such webinars as I answer e-mail and type and blog entry.
This is a great way to absorb even more information during the course of a busy day.
To that end, I am now listening to a Webcast about how to be a better Webcast speaker. I really recommend anyone who speaks on webinars listens to this presentation. I have been listening for the past 10 minutes or so and it is good so far.
Webinar presenter; Ken Molay
Ideas so far:
  • Make sure you have room temperature water nearby when speaking
  • Don’t speak in a cubicle
  • Do not use carbonated beverages
  • Keep introductory remarks to a minimum
  • No coffee
  • Turn off devices
  • Do not use a speakerphone
  • Use a handset (do Plantronics and GN Netcom know this 😉 )
Listen here.

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