MasterStream ERP Expands Carrier Offerings

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MasterStream, the complex quoting engine of many of today’s carriers has been successful at working with enough carriers that they provide 15 million quotes per month. Part of what differentiates the company is they provide complex quotes – based on specifications of the carrier and customer. They are leveraging this success and expanding into new and exciting adjacent spaces.

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Their first new product, CarrierAccess allows a wholesale carrier to just manage their product catalogue for their provider customers. Instead of using a spreadsheet or portfolio can now have a single portal for everything they need. The obvious benefit is faster time to quote and less mistakes.

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In an exclusive interview with Chris Gellos (above)EVP, Sales & Marketing and Dianna Gearhiser (below) Director of Marketing they explained more new products are on the way, QuoteDesk and SalesEdge for example. The former is a powerful toolkit that allows telecom and technology sales companies to accelerate their sales cycle by performing tasks that up to weeks and turn them into seconds.The latter allows you to specify that you need let’s say 20 seats of VoIP. It then ensures when you select bandwidth that your choices are limited to the amount needed to properly carry the IP communications traffic.

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In a complex world, where spreadsheets are often used to make buying decisions and errors are common, the automation MasterStream brings to the table is extremely helpful for carriers and their customers.

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