VirtualPBX Invented the UCaaS Space. This is What They’re Doing Now.


In 1997, years before Skype, Vonage and before Cisco discovered VoIP, VirtualPBX was invented. To say the company was early is an understatement. Hundreds or thousands of communications companies didn’t make it through the various bubble bursts between then and now.

Now though, the company is facing intense pressure from well-funded competitors coming at them from numerous directions. Here is how they are differentiating.

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In an exclusive interview with CEO Paul Hammond, we discussed the company’s latest platform, Dash – three years old and shiny new. The product takes them to the next level and Paul was extremely excited about the company’s latest innovation, a SIM card that gives greater UC integration than virtually all of their competitors. With the SIM installed in a phone, any number greater than three digits is forwarded by the carrier to them. This allows a company to provide native 4-digit extension dialing between cell phones and other extensions in an organization.

There is no app to download. This solution provides better tracking, the ability to record and do all the things companies need to do with their phone extensions. Compliance is now bullet-proof as all of the calls on the phone can be tracked, not just the ones made from an app. One other benefit is WiFi is not needed. No handoffs need to take place – meaning one less way to potentially have a poor user experience is now gone.

The company is also selling through the channel as of late and Paul says their SIP trunking offering is doing well.

In a competitive space, VirtualPBX has decided to focus on companies between 500-1,000 users where their high-touch capabilities to survive tough network environments is ahead of their competitors.

They have a concierge service to help with moves, adds and changes, 24×7 support, and a WebRTC client was recently released. There is also integration with Slack, Salesforce and Zapier as well as others. There are no plans to get into the chat, video or screen sharing space. Paul explains, they will stick to what they do well and continue to excel.

When you consider a UCaaS solution, it’s worth looking at the company that helped this market become what it is today… VirtualPBX.

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