Micron GDDR6X Aims to Double Memory Bandwidth

Gaming has pushed the boundaries of memory technology and now AI and ML has also embraced leading-edge memory tech.

The goal of today’s announcement was to achieve 1 TB per system which they have achieved.

The system transfers 2 bits instead of one at a time. This approach transcends the typical way of increasing performance by just increasing the clock speed. They have designed this tech so they can build it and customers can develop reliable systems around it.

Scientists and GDDR developers worked together to ensure the PAM4 interface systems would work in mass manufacturing.

Micron 8Gb GDDR6X reaches data rates of 21 Gbps and they are working on a 16Gb solution. The company is working closely with NVIDIA to continue these performance increases to ensure gamers immediately benefit as system data rates between GPU and memory are drastically increased. This is needed for 8K resolution and AI according to company spokesman, Ralf Ebert.

GDDR6X can be placed on a notebook with a discrete GPU. They see PEN4 eventually used in other memory standards – and also expect it to be used with CPUs eventually.

They are the first to implement PEN4 in DRAM but they are opening the tech up to others who are interested. The technology has been under development for almost three years. They do not see a limitation of 12 memory chips per system either which is great news.


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