More Blackberry Woes

The worst case scenario for RIM and NTP is for RIM to lose business as NTP is incented to see as many Blackberries as possible sold. Why? Because of course NTP gets a cut of all future Blackberry sales. Or at least that is how it looks to be shaping up. Where the problem lies is in how absolutely long it is taking for RIM to settle this mess.

It is getting so bad that major analysts are suggesting their clients steer clear of Blackberry. It is hard to believe the two companies won’t settle soon and by the same token, the sooner Blackberry would have settled the less they would have had to pay and more importantly the sooner they could focus on new devices and strategies to ward of the growing army of new competitors.

It seems as if the controversy may never end and this article details the major consequences Blackberry and NTP face if this doesn’t get behind us soon.

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