Nokia N800 Question

I received the following question today regarding the Nokia N800:
I’m seriously thinking of purchasing the Nokia N800. Since it is strictly a wireless device is there really enough free public wireless to make the purchase worthwhile. I’d be using it in Central Florida (Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa)and Louisiana (New Orleans Metro)areas mostly. Also, along Interstate 10, between Jacksonville, FL and New Orleans. Thanks for any info.
My simple answer is, it depends. If you have municipal WiFi in those areas then you will be in good shape. Then again, sometimes these networks get congested which could be a problem if you are streaming or using the excellent conferencing features this device possesses.
Let’s remember the N800 can still be used if there is no Internet access. You can read e-mail, respond to e-mail and listen to music and watch videos. The e0mails of course will only be sent when you are in a WiFi-enabled area.
In short, you have to decide for yourself what makes the most sense. If possible you should try to figure out if the areas you will be spending time inare WiFi enabled or not so you aren’t surprised later.

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