Nuance Dragon Dictation for iPhone Launched

The free program for Apple’s iPhone is dead easy to use and the accuracy is OK as you can see from this blog entry below. Interestingly I said it worked quite well below but as you can see it need lots of editing. The point is you can use this tool to give others a rapid glimpse into the ideas you want to share, understanding what you convey will not be perfect. Corrections were added by me to help clarify meaning.

Nuance just announced a dictation app for the iPhone which works quite well in fact I’ve decided to blog this entire entry via voice recognition for single (the first thing you) notice is the lack of punctuation in this blog entry this is intentional and actually that’s just the way the text comes from the program and I left it as is seen (so as) to get a sense for one of the interesting things that this program does is give you a text editor allowing you to edit text once it is recognized the text editor is quite useful in that it allows for editing and also allows selecting on a block of text in the morning a (more) easy fashion than the traditional iPhone e-mail editor are there any downsides to the program not really it just takes a few seconds to decode your voice into text and you can then send your message to numerous social networking accounts and out (such as) Twitter Facebook etc. were (or) send it as an SMS on all in all I think this is a great timesaver for somebody who doesn’t want to do deal with the editing process just because (?) someone else to do the editing for the person who reads what you’re saying doesn’t necessarily care about these the grammar or the punctuation intended shape (?) it’s worth giving it a shot (it) is free and quite a powerful tool

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