Oaisys Update

If you live vicariously through my travel schedule then you were with me in Arizona during that muggy and super-hot trip I took a while back to see Oaisys and learn about their Talkument voice appliance.
As you may recall, Talkument makes voicemail as useful as e-mail with the ability to annotate them or even pieces of these voice messages.
Here is a full feature list:
  • Voice Document Sharing — Allows users to share voice documents with other authorized users and temporary guest users.
  • Highlighting — Selected segments of the voice document can be highlighted so whoever is authorized to review the file can simply listen to the pertinent segment and not have to wade through the entire file. 
  • Commenting — An annotation feature helps the user tag certain documents for future retrieval. These comments are visible for other authorized users to facilitate collaboration and communication. 
  • File Management System — Talkument also allows users to store the voice files in its file management system, which contains folders that can be custom-configured and personalized to make it easy to find files at a later date. 
  • Collaboration — As a collaboration tool, Talkument helps teams be more effective in their communications by allowing them to review and comment upon the voice documents together or separately. 
  • Security — Talkument voice documents are securely stored on the Talkument appliance. All voice playbacks are delivered through encrypted file streaming with root voice documents never being downloaded or sent to the users.
The big news from Oaisys is that the Talkument product will be resold by Toshiba Authorized Dealers now. The two companies have worked together before via an ACD deal this past May. Today’s news seems to be a strengthening of the relationship and I think it is a smart move for Toshiba to be working with Oaisys and carrying the Talkument product line.

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