Optelian Lowers Packet Optical Service Roll Out Costs

SDN is a wonderful technology for networking but its a few layers up from packet optical service meaning you can’t take advanatage of the latest in software defined networking innovation. In a conversation with Brian Pratt of Optelian, I had a chance to discuss how his company is trying to bring some of the best concepts in the SDN world to the packet optical world.

One of the main benefits of allowing software to manage the rollout and provisioning of packet optical service is you need less Ethernet engineers and WDM experts to deal with configuration and provisioning. The company sees this new world as being embodied by the concept of service-driven networking, a term which has the exact same acronym as software defined networking – on purpose.

The idea is to have your experts define templates and allow people with less technical knowledge to handle configuration. In other words, a template could specify 100 Mbps MEF Ethernet connection and another could speficy 200 Mbps and an operator could provision a customer by choosing amoung these templates and then inputting the two endpoints.

The goal is to make it less expensive for carriers to roll out services and to strip the complexity out of provisioning. For more, check out the company’s announcement regarding the company’s FLEX architecture and FLEXMaganer news.

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