H2O Overgroup Speeds Telecom Carriers

As tier 2 and 3 carrriers have started to face more competition from cable and larger SIP trunking providers, they have had to look to new markets in order to grow revenue. The challenge with this strategy is dealing with billing and management of a slew of new competitive services. Enter H2O Overgroup, a company helping these carriers with billing and backoffice operations. Evan Rice (pictured) the company’s VP of Sales & Marketing spent some time explaining how the market is evolving, causing his company’s customers to grow into numerous markets.

Some new services being provided by his customers include applications as a services, infrastructure as a service, hosted desktops, hosted Exchange, backup services and more. In addition, data providers are looking to offer more cloud-based voice services to compete with Volcalocity, 8×8 and a slew of others.

Rice explains his compaany’s solutions help carriers respond more quickly to what is happening now and in the future as well. they recently unveiled a customer portal in conjucnction with a partner Spectrotel which allows an enterprise to drill down billing, touble tickets, utilization and more through a self-service portal. Here are some of the precise specifications:

  • Create and manage account hierarchies
  • View line and product detil at any level in the hierarchy
  • View billing data at any level in the hierarchy
  • Create custom usage reports against current and previously billed usage
  • Create and manage multiple user access at any level in the hierarchy
  • Create, view and update tickets on any line or service within the hierarchy
  • Run, view and print from robust menu of scheduled reports on billing and inventory data

H2O Overgroup being interviewed at the recent ITEXPO Las Vegas 2013

If there is any constant in business it is speed is critical to compete and failure is something to embrace on your way to success. The idea is, how can you test and roll out a slew of new services with various pricing models in order to see which ones resonate better with your customer base. H2O Overgroup wants to be the company adding lubricant to small to medium carrriers looking to expand and grow more quickly.


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