Pandora Increases Focus on Cars

pandora-thumbs-up-police-king-of-pain.jpgOne of the best places in need of Internet radio is in the car as you are not able to currently able to skip songs on regular or satellite radio. Pandora and Slacker have changed the paradigm of radio listening and I often find myself wanting to press the thumbs up or down buttons on songs I hear while driving.

The problem of course is that unless you are listening to Internet radio you can’t skip a song. That is of course unless you have a smartphone with an Internet radio app which is connected to your car. Ford has strong syncing options with smartphones and BMW and others have done an OK job with cell phone interconnectivity.

A few months back, Pioneer announced a new automotive entertainment unit which integrates Pandora and costs $1,200. I haven’t had a chance to investigate the unit but the price tag seems to scream, wait a while before considering.

Recognizing the opportunity to generate more revenue from cars, Pandora has recently named George Lynch as the company’s new Vice President of Automotive Business Development.

Expect this move to mean more and more cars will soon allow you to indulge your craving to either thumbs up or down songs you are listening to while driving.

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