Pictek Fast QI Wireless Charging Pad Review

When we received our iPhone X, we knew we had to try out the wireless charging feature of the new device. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models are the first iOS devices to support wireless charging using the Qi standard we told you about some years back.

To that end we were sent a Pictek Fast QI Wireless Charging Pad for review. This charger is slim and light. You have to use your own power block/USB port as one is not included.


The first thing we tested was if we could use the charger with the magnetic plate on the back of our phone used to mount the phone on our desk and car vent.

Sadly, the metal plate blocks charging. Once removed, charging worked well. Even with a rubberized case on the phone. We even got the latest generation of Apple Watch to charge but it was a bit of a challenge to reproduce successful watch charging every time.

This particular charger allows for 5W and 10W charging – the latter is especially useful as smartphone batteries aren’t getting any smaller. Sadly, the 10W setting does not work with Apple phones, only the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. It’s a bit frustrating that Apple decided to bring wireless charging to its devices but still lags behind Samsung quite dramatically.


Still, some wireless charging is better than none at all. Moreover, thanks to Apple, we expect Qi to now be embedded everywhere. There is potentially a trillion-dollar upgrade cycle of gym equipment, desks, tables in restaurants and coffee shops, hotel and home night stands and so on. Qi will be everywhere. We’ve seen a Qi pot boil water and even blend (see video above) so it may soon be in your kitchen as well.

So how fast is it? Well, 5W is 5W. The iPhone X charged but not rapidly. Still, we saw a 3% battery increase in 10 minutes even while the phone was on high brightness turned on a few times. We also saw a 10% increase in 27 minutes. So, it’s not too shabby. The charger should charge your smartphone battery to full overnight. We tested it in a car, at a desk and attached to a TaoTronics lamp with a USB charger. Every time, it worked flawlessly.

While the charger works for all the latest Apple, Samsung and Qi smartphones, the Face ID system of the X works a little better if the phone is standing upright. This is for two reasons. The phone lowers the ringer volume if it can see your face and blocks notification details if it can’t see your face for privacy reasons. We turned this notification privacy feature off as we found it annoying.

Where would we suggest you use this Pictek charger? Desks, night stands, kitchen tables and anywhere else you expect your electronic devices to rest. They will receive a nice power top off whenever they are resting, allowing the user to worry less about battery life and the incredibly limiting 3 foot cord Apple packages with its iOS devices.

For a limited time get a special offer – coupon code 79O99RNY drops the cost to $13.99, a $2 discount from the current Amazon price.

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