Portnox Gets Serious About MSPs with NAC-aaS


We reported that Portnox was adding visibility and control allowing MSPs and MSSPs to secure networks a few years back.

Portnox just announced a global partner program tailored to the needs of these service providers via their Sphere MSP/MSSP Program which enables them to deliver network access control (NAC) as a service from the cloud, without making any hardware or software investments.


“Midsize enterprises are choosing Portnox because our technology can be deployed on-premise or as a cloud service, support any device from all access layers and eliminate the management complexity of other network access control products,” said Ofer Amitai, CEO and Co-Founder of Portnox. “We expect to extend our market lead in 2019 as more managed service providers adopt our cloud-delivered CLEAR product to offer NAC-as-a-Service.”

Using Portnox CLEAR, MSPs/MSSPs can centrally deploy, provision and manage NAC services to provide their end customers with complete visibility and control over all devices connecting to wired, wireless and VPN networks, including BYOD and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Until now, the cost, complexity and ongoing management overhead of traditional NAC solutions has prevented many midsize organizations from deploying this foundational network security technology.

The Sphere MSP/MSSP Partner Program now makes it possible for organizations with limited IT resources to acquire NAC as a subscription service from qualified and trusted providers they may already be working with.

The company has added the tools and add-ons necessary for these resellers to deliver a profitable service resulting in a recurring revenue stream:

  • Lower administrative overhead with flexible payment options that remove up-front costs of annual contracts. With SaaS (News – Alert) pay-as-you-go subscriptions, users only pay for what they need
  • Single pane of glass to manage all customers via a unified management portal. The management portal enables single-sign-on, customization and configuration for each MSP customer
  • Unique MSP pricing model – discounts are based on the total amount of devices under management (not per organization under management) as well as an additional MSP partnership level discount
  • Tailored security stacks: provide the ability to customize security integrations to implement unique solution stacks based on customer and partner requirements. A documented RESTful API is available for MSPs
  • Sales tools and dedicated marketing support
  • Dedicated customer support resources for partners

There is a lack of cybersecurity workers in the world and hackers are outspending businesses ten to one.

In order to stay secure, companies need to look for reliable MSPs and MSSPs to deliver cybersecurity services. Portnox wants to be your partner.

Finally, every company is a potential target and should use a phishing simulation tool which tests employees by sending safe phishing emails. When employees click, they are then presented with educational material which helps them learn what to avoid.

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