Procera Helps Carriers Shape Even Encrypted Traffic

One of the biggest challenges for network operators is certainly dealing with the growth of network traffic in a margin-compression environment. Video is one of the main drivers of bandwidth growth on the net but it isn’t always easy to deal with it. Consider mobile traffic is growing 53% CAGR from 2015 to 2020.

See graph below:


In addition to dealing with the above issues, carriers have to also manage various video providers and their particular responses to your traffic shaping. Netflix and YouTube for example could buffer and/or stop if they are downrated too many times resulting in a subpar user experience.

I just spoke with Cam Cullen, VP of Global Marketing and PR representative Mike Newsome of Procera Networks who discussed the company’s scorecard which is in line with FCC broadband labeling – reporting delivered bandwidth performance as well as encryption metrics improving on NetFlow and probes.

Procera_logo_white Oct 2016.jpg

The company uses DPI technology and provides analytics, traffic management and policy/charging. In this manner, carriers are able to see what the packets are and ensure real-time traffic is not slowed and other traffic such as Dropbox is slowed if needed.

One win of note earlier this year was Boingo, who installed their virtual CPE solution to manage customer experience at its wireless hotspots.

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