Productivity Skyrockets

Productivity is so important to companies everywhere and in my opinion we may be on the verge of seeing it skyrocket? How you ask? Rich, is there some new VoIP gadget that I will see at ITEXPO in a week that will change my life? Is it that funky Linksys/Skype phone that Tome Keating blogged about a week or so ago? Pray tell Rich what is it?

Well I am glad you asked but you didn’t need to insist as I am happy to share that Nigeria may finally be cracking down on spam. I am serious. There is a proposed law that says any spammer will receive three years in jail, a fine of $3,500 or both.

Now I don’t know about you but I get so many of these Nigerian scam e-mails that I have devoted countless e-mail rules to dealing with them over the past years. It is crazy. I think mortgage refinancing spam is getting more prevalent and may have recently passed Nigeria as of late though.

Of course with all good news comes bad news and there aren’t enough jail cells in Nigeria to hold all the criminals the country believes it will soon prosecute. For this reason the government requests that each user on the Internet who hopes to cut down on the amount of spam they receive should send a check for $50 to a fund contributing to the family of the recently deceased leader of the country.

OK the last paragraph was a joke but other than that the rest is true. I swear it. Can you imagine how much better our lives will be if this actually happens?

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