Michael Powell

I had a great discussion with Michael Powell today as he prepares for his discussion at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. Wow! It was great to speak with him. He was about as cordial as a human being can be. After the conversation someone in my office commented that he could have been Carly Fiorina’s cousin as he was abut as cordial and nice as she was on the phone. Turns out they know each other well by the way.

Of course Mr. Powells’s disposition while great on my conference call is not the reason you will come see him in about a week at ITEXPO. You will see Michael Powell because out of all the people in the world, he has the most insight on telecom at the moment. Sure Chairman Kevin Martin is up to his neck at the moment dealing with 911 and other issues but Mr. Powell was heading the FCC when these problems began to surface.

He has spoken at many other telecom events before and to be honest, I am glad he has decided to grace ITEXPO with his presence now that he is no longer chairman of the FCC. Why you ask? Simply because he is free to speak his mind. He mentioned as much to me on the phone today. Mr. Powell is very diplomatic but you know what? In hindsight he was very friendly to the VoIP market. Sometimes you appreciate someone more when they leave. No disrespect intended to Chairman Martin of course. It seems that Powell has more of a gleam in his eye when he deals with VoIP while Martin may see it as just another technology. Perhaps we can’t blame him as seeing the Vonage logo 678,000 times per month is enough to wear on anyone (just kidding Jeffrey!)

I was wrong. I admit it. Michael Powell was a friend to VoIP. Still though that isn’t the reason to come listen to him. You should come to the show because he is going to tell you things you can’t hear anywhere else and most importantly you will get some real answers to many questions you have about the industry. Mr. Powell welcomes questions and wants the session to be interactive. He seems generally enthused about being part of ITEXPO and we are excited to have him.

The clock is ticking. I hope to see you in a week so register now!

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