Prysm Enterprise Will Boost Collaboration and Might Kill Off Audio Conference Calls


Prysm’s recently released Prysm Enterprise solution is a SaaS/hardware solution designed to connect all users in an enterprise together in a more collaborative setting, allowing workers to become more productive and efficient.

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In an interview with Dana Corey (above), VP Global Strategic Partnership & Sales, he brought me up to speed on his company’s journey into making companies more productive and efficient. They started as a screen maker, then added touch, collaboration and then software. The result is a single-solution which allows in-room and remote users to have a similar experience.

A custom Prysm solution 


Dana says Prysm Cloud enables a digital briefcase which he describes as their, “Most powerful feature.” Their autonomous pixel canvas can ingest content from Skype for Business, Cisco and others and subsequently share content when instructed to do so. The presentation window is how this is done and in an example, I witnessed how a typical workgroup could be discussing something without sharing it with others outside the room. When they are ready to share, they simply drag the object into a window for others to see.

The beauty of the solution is all users are able to collaborate from their devices, regardless of location. They can resize documents and move them as needed. In addition, snapshots act as a long-term repository for important data.

In one example he shared that a customer used their system to connect their once static PowerPoints to dynamic ones powered by real-time data and were then able to further annotate deep-dive into what they saw on-screen.

Prysm Displays have standard sizes of 65″, 85″, 98″, 117″ and 190″, as well as custom sizes (see above) to fit any size meeting room(s). Prysm Mobile allows web browser access for any mobile device including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.

Flexible hours are one of the most important factors in creating a superior tech culture according to applicants to TMCnet’s Tech Culture Awards. These Prysm-powered cloud-based visual workspaces where anyone can create, edit, share and store work, and then go back and re-access saved workspaces can be a key differentiator for companies trying to improve their culture and increase productivity at the same time.

One thing is for sure… It likely difficult to go back to an audio-only conference calls again after using a system like this.

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