Recorded Future Predicts Future

You may have read back in July on TMCnet that Recorded Future is able to track future relationships and has received investment from the CIA and Google’s VC arm. More recently, MIT’s Technology Review writes how the company is able to generate a time-line showing important company milestones such as earnings releases and drug trial registrations. The information is gleaned from Twitter as well as numerous web sources.

Recorded Future calls their product a Temporal Analytics Engine and on the company’s site you can see how the tool can be used to discover how events have unfolded over time. In one example the site explains how five years ago Thomas Friedman of the New York Times wrote, “It is obvious to me that the Irish-British [economic] model is the way of the future, and the only question is when Germany and France will face reality: either they become Ireland or they become museums. That is their real choice over the next few years – it’s either the leprechaun way or the Louvre.”

From there they show how Ireland’s economic model was questioned and eventually unraveled requiring a bailout of $113B!

Check out the screen shot below for more on the news time-line. (Click to enlarge.)

Thumbnail image for recorded-future-ireland.jpg

Based on the examples I have seen, it is tough to ascertain how exactly you can predict the future with Recorded Future – but I suppose this software is yet another tool in your box if you are looking to study details surrounding various incidents. Obviously national security and financial markets are areas where such technology can make immediate impact.

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