SIP + Smart Grid = Opportunity

As you probably know I am extremely enthused about the idea of the smart grid as it is not only necessary for the next generation of power generation and consumption in the world but just as importantly because the new grid will interface using communications and networking protocols. What this means is massive, unprecedented opportunity for our industry as a smart grid is developed.

It further means telecom and datacom players who are paying attention are also salivating at the prospect.

To further educate the market on the smart grid, TMC has partnered with Intelligent Communications Partners (ICP) to put together an event in the space and a web portal which will be the leading source of information in the space.

Recently Jon Arnold who is part of ICP interviewed Marc Robins the Executive Director of the SIP Forum regarding his views on the new grid, emerging specifications and how SIP will play a role in communications. To me the potential for the communications market here is beyond staggering.

Imagine how many devices will be sold if products which work in communications also work in the electrical grid. Imagine the potential for customers to have applications which merge the best of both worlds allowing granular control over devices. Think about an enterprise able to idle devices which aren’t in use – or turn off phones and computers when presence indicates the user is not nearby.

Imagine. Wonder. Be Amazed. I certainly am.

I hope to see you September 1-3 in Los Angeles for the Smart Grid Summit (press release on program) which takes place at the same time as ITEXPO in Los Angeles. See you there.

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